An important aspect to John’s career is his work as a music educator. He has coached and performed with many hundreds of up-and-coming performers, both in a freelance capacity and as member of music institutions. He has been a member of the Ensemble Studies Unit at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, has worked frequently at the Australian Institute of Music (A.I.M.), and is a founder member of the Australian School of Vocal Performance where he works side by side with longtime friends and colleagues Sussane Towers, soprano, and Peter Avery, bass baritone amongst other distinguished professionals.

“ I consider our young to be the leaders and inspirers of tomorrow’s world, and that they must therefore be helped, guided and befriended by us. Our talented young artistic people are vital to our culture’s future, and they must be encouraged to give of their best, to be free of drugs, both recreational and psychiatric, and to flourish and achieve. It is the role of all people in an educational capacity to pass on their knowledge and experience to the next generation, and to be an ethical and diligent example to them.”—John Martin


  • Sonatina

  • By Joseph Horovitz

    Jared Mundell – clarinet

    John Martin - piano